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Premium Large Format (PLF)

- One Stroke Coating - Star Screen's proprietary coating technology and mechanisms allow coating application in one single stroke on its also proprietary screen materials, no stitching at the installation site. It offers invisible seams under projection, uniformity to the screen surface, as well as wide viewing angles and strong signal-noise ratio.

- 100 m x 25 m - Star Screen's PLF is capable to produce a screen as large as 100meter x25 meter, which represents the largest PLF in the world to date. Star Screen's PLFs are able to accommodate all kinds of customers' requirements from Diffuse Reflective PLF, Digital PLF, and to Silver PLF in different sizes and dimensions.

- Partners with cinemas: Star Screen is an exclusive screen supplier for CGS and has produced and installed over 200 PLFs for the leading Chinese PLF cinemas chains over the last five years.

- Partners with theme parks: Star Screen is PLFs in all shapes in all sizes, in 2D, 3D and 4D can be seen in 90% of booming Chinese theme parks.

Silver Screen

Silver Screen

Star Screen provides low and high-gain silver screens both give excellent performance respectively for digital 3D, 2D, film and laser projection. While laser-illuminated projection is becoming more and more common, Star Screen is low-gain1.6 and 1.8 is foreseeable becoming more and more in demand. The two models are helpful in reducing speckles. Star Screen is pushing hard for technical breakthroughs.

Luminance Factor β  1.6~2.8
Viewing Angle 2α     55°~46°
Polarized Ratio        ≥150:1

Luminance Factor β and Viewing Angle 2α can be accommodated upon customer request.

Dome Screen

Dome screen is omni-directional stereo screen, which is suitable for amusement park or planetarium. It usually uses digital screen or silver screen with low luminance.

Circular Screen

Circular Screen

Star Screen produces 360° circular screen and 270°, 180° half-circular screen. 360° circular screen is usually used to show the magnificent landscape, scroll, epic and science fiction programs in attractions area and theme parks. Half-circular screen is widely used in science museum and simulation cockpit We have over twenty years of experience to produce the circular screen. The famous cases include the circular screen cinema in Badaling and the 63m half-circular screen in China pavilion of Shanghai World Expo.

LDM---Portable Screen

Star Screen's Portable Screen not only portable, it is also flame retardant, anti moth, light weight, foldable, no deformation in humid and wet conditions, washable and cold resistant, great for outdoor and rural projection.

With Star Screen's Portable Screen Frames, it makes the screen hang flat and smooth.

HQ Diffuse Reflective Screen

HQ Diffuse Reflective Screen

Star Screen's HQ Diffuse Reflective Screen is our traditional movie screen. It features wider viewing angels and excellent color rendition.

Luminance Factor β≥1, Viewing Angel (2a) ≥160°
Luminance Factor β=0.95 , Viewing Angel (2a) ≥160°

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